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Which part of creating an image do you find hardest/least enjoyable 

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48 deviants said Shading
41 deviants said Details
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United Kingdom
Finally decided to update this thing ^_^


Requests: CLOSED

Trades: OPEN (Close friends ONLY)

Animation Commissions: CLOSED

Art Commissions: CLOSED


Basically this is where requests, photos and personal art is going to be posted. Unfortunately as of yet I'm not posting any animations here because of the copyrighted music rules (and lets face it, without music animations are just boring), so there will only be still images here.

Anyways I hope you guys enjoy ^^


1 day ago
:icongolphee:Golphee has changed their username (formerly GoldenPhoenix100)
Whiskers - Pencil Sketch by Golphee
Whiskers - Pencil Sketch
Hyvää joulua kaikille! Happy Christmas everyone! :D

Did some pencilling a few months ago, but I'm awesome enough not to have a camera at uni, and the scanners are terrible so I haven't gotten round to putting it on my computer until this week. The photo quality was still terrible so much levelling was done, which is why it looks a bit weird, but I hope you enjoy it anyways! (^_^)

5-6 hours - HB, 2B, 3B pencils on A3
Mononoke Hime by Golphee
Mononoke Hime
Yus yus, do love that film. Possibly more than any other Ghibli piece.

So I stepped out of my comfort zone a little bit here, and the result is. . . interesting. I'm not sure if it's too over-the-top or not, so feedback would be appreciated!

Also, fun fact! It bugged me for years that there's no clear reason why the film was called Mononoke, so I went and looked it up, and apparently mononoke is another word for yokai or spirit . So Mononoke Hime literally means The daemon princess .

I'm actually horribly under-acquainted with Ghibli, so do any of you guys have any recommendations for me to check out? What's your favourite Ghibli movie?

20ish hours, Photoshop CS6
Tranquil Waters by Golphee
Tranquil Waters
With long, flexible bodies and lengthened digits, shalkats are accomplished swimmers. Swimming can be used as a means of crossing bodies of water, or simply for leisure, and many shalkat-occupied territories will have a sizable body of water at their core as a result. In certain regions, the primary quarry for shalkats is the South American giant otter, and shalkats have been known to launch themselves into rivers or lakes from overhead branches as a means of ambush hunting.

Green and yellow, greeeeen and yelloooooow!

More shallies!
This was a super fast speedypaint, taking a comfortable 2 hours in an afternoon, and features more or less every Photoshop cheat there is: filters, custom brushes, you name it! But sometimes I feel like a cheaty pic is kind of called for. It was good fun at least!
His Land by Golphee
His Land
Oops I backgrounded.

So this bastard's been on my computer for way too long, and whilst there's a lot about it I really *trees* don't *trees* like *trees*, I'm relieved it's finally finished. I always had a thing for the mountains and general scenery in Bulgaria, and figured if you were a magical beastie, it would be a cool place to live.


20-30 hours, Photoshop CS6. References were used
So I just got here yesterday, and frankly you crazy Fins have some nerve hogging such an incredibly beautiful country to yourselves! Plus all the people here are so damn nice! No wonder Finland produces so many talented artists - the inspiration here is endless! Your language is terrifying though. Sorry but it's true :P

On an actual art note, expect more from me over the summer when I should have some time to upload more regularly again. In the meantime, anyone who wants to hang round the Helsinki/Tampere area is welcome :D
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Haha yup, I'm still here! :D

I do (and will), although because I'm so busy irl at the moment, I haven't had the chance to draw him for some time. But I haven't given up on him! :D
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